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Code Manufacturer Part# Bulb Description Manufacturer
BTM 54686 BTM 500w 120v T6 P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BTM 1000084 BTM 500w 120v T6 P28s USHIO
BTN 54687 BTN 750w 120v T7 P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BTN 204818 BTN 750w 120v T7 P28s PHILIPS
BTN 1000085 BTN 750w 120v T7 P28s USHIO
BTP 11954 BTP 750w 120v T7 P28s GE
BTP 54688 BTP 750w 120v T7 P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BTP 305144 BTP 750w 120v T7 P28s PHILIPS
BTR 11955 BTR 1000w 120v T7 P28s GE
BTR 54689 BTR 1000w 120v T7 P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BTR 305334 BTR 1000w 120v T7 P28s PHILIPS
BTR 1000087 BTR 1000w 120v T7 P28s USHIO
BVE 54812 BVE 625w 120v GZ9.5 OSRAM SYLVANIA
BVE 239228 BVE 625w 120v GZ9.5 PHILIPS
BVM BVM -> USE 64540
BVT 12554 BVT 1000w 120v T7 P40s GE
BVT 54690 BVT 1000w 120v T7 P40s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BVV 12553 BVV 1000w 120v T7 P40s GE
BVV 54691 BVV 1000w 120v T7 P40s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BVW 12555 BVW 2000w 120v T9.5 P40s GE
BVW 54692 BVW 2000w 120v T9.5 P40s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BWA 1000094 BWA 2000w 120v G38 USHIO
BWF 37086 BWF 2000w 120v T8 E39 GE
BWG 1000096 BWG 2000w 120v E39 USHIO
BWM 1000097 BWM 750w 120v G9.5 USHIO
BWN 1000098 BWN 1000w 120v G9.5 USHIO
BXM 23258 4A/T8SCP 4A 9v T8 Clear SCPf GE
CAL 1000119 CAL 300w 120v g17q7 USHIO
CAR 1000120 CAR 150w 120v G17q-7 USHIO
CAX 29171 CAX 50w 115v-125v BA15d GE
CAX/130V 29169 CAX 50w 130v BA15d GE
CBA 54580 CBA 500w 120v G17-7 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CBA 1000126 CBA 500w 120v G17-7 USHIO
CBX 1000128 CBX/CBS 75w 120v DC USHIO
CBX/CBS 29208 CBX 75w 115v T8 DCbay GE
CC390005 E13522 Clearcom S24v 30mA T1.5 Wedge
CDM100P38F3 244764 CDM Par38 100w 3000k FL E26 PHILIPS
CDM100P38F4 288787 CDM Par38 100w 4000k FL E26 PHILIPS
CDM100P38S3 244772 CDM Par38 100w 3000k Spot E26 PHILIPS
CDM100P38S4 288761 CDM Par38 100w 4000k Spot E26 PHILIPS
CDM100P38W3 244780 CDM Par38 100w 3000k WFL E26 PHILIPS
CDM100P38W4 288803 CDM Par38 100w 4000k WFL E26 PHILIPS
CDM150SA942 360396 CDM 150w T6 4200K ShortArc G12 PHILIPS
CDM150T6830 CDM150T6830 CDM 150w T6 3000K G12
CDM150T6942 373696 CDM 150w T6 4200K G12 PHILIPS
CDM35PR20FL 233643 CDM 39w Par20 Flood 30deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM35PR20SP 233650 CDM 39w Par20 Spot 10deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM35PR30FL 223305 CDM 39w Par30 Flood 30deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM35PR30SP 223297 CDM 39 Par30 Spot 10deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM35T6830 223289 CDM 39w T6 830 G12 PHILIPS
CDM70P30LFL 232215 CDM 70w Par30 Flood 40deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM70P30LSP 232249 CDM 70w Par30 Spot 10deg E26 PHILIPS
CDM70P38FL3 222497 CDM 70w Par38 FL 25dg 3k E26 PHILIPS
CDM70P38FL4 288738 CDM 70w Par38 FL 25dg 4k E26 PHILIPS
CDM70P38SP3 222505 CDM 70w Par38 SP 15dg 3k E26 PHILIPS
CDM70T6830 196996 CDM 70w T6 830 G12 PHILIPS
CDM70T6942 281378 CDM 70w T6 942 G12 PHILIPS
CEM 43330 CEM 120w 120v BA15s GE
CF10709 10709 Fluor Torpedo 9w120v 2700k E26 TCP
CF18914 18914 Fluor MiniSpr 14w120v 2.7k E26 TCP
CF18DD/830 F18DTT830 GE F18DBXT4/SPX30 Compact Fluor  
CF26DD/830 F26DTT830 GE F26DBXT4/SPX30 Compact Fluor.
CF26DD/E827 20684 Fluor. 26w 2700K 4pin G24q-3  
CF32DT/E830 20884 Fluor. 32w 3000K GX25q-3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF32DT/E835 39379 Fluor. 32w 3500K GX25q-3 GE
CF32DT/E835 20885 Fluor. 32w 3500K GX25q-3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF42DT/E841 20890 Fluor. 42w 4100K GX24q-4 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF7DS/827 20327 F7TT/27K Fluor. 7w G23 2700K OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF7DS/841 20304 F7TT/41K Fluor. 7w G23 4100K OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF9DS/827 20329 Fluor. 9w G23 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CF9DS/BLUE 20300 Fluor. 9w Blue G23 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CLS/CLG 1000137 CLS/CLG 300w 120v BA15s USHIO
CP23 20315 CP23 FVC 650w 220v GX9.5 GE
CP24 20281 CP24 1000w 220v -> SUB FVA GE
CP24/120V 1000948 CP24 1000W 120V GX9.5 USHIO
CP29   CP29 -> USE DPY  
CP29/230 30505 CP29 5000w 220/240v G38 GE
CP29/240 CP29/85 PHILIP CP29/CP85 6963Z 5000w 240v G38  
CP41 CP41 -> USE FKK
CP53 20311 CP53 2000w 220v P40s GE
CP60 CP60 -> USE EXC
CP61   CP61 -> USE EXD  
CP62 CP62 -> USE EXE
CP67   CP67/6993P -> USE CP23  
CP68 6993Z/CP68 -> USE FKH
CP71   6995Z/CP71 -> USE FKJ  
CP77 CP77 CP77 -> USE FEL
CP79 CP79 - 120V CP79 2000w 120v GY16  
CP81 CP81 -> USE FKW
CP81/230   CP81 230v -> USE FSL  
CP82 CP82 -> USE FRG
CP83 30507 CP83 10000w 220v G38 GE
CP85 CP85 -> USE CP29
CP89   CP89 -> USE FRK  
CP89/230 CP89 230v -> USE FRL
CP91 CP91 OSRAM CP91 64796 2500w 230v G22  
CP92/220V CP92/220V CP92 2000w 220v G22
CP92/230V CP92/230V OS CP92 2000w 230v G22  
CP96 CP96 -> USE 64514
CSD250/2SE 10744 CSD250/2 250w GY9.5 GE
CSI1000 99-0221 CSI 1000w G22
CSI1KPAR64 29333 Par64 SPL1000w G38 GE
CSI1KPAR64H 29336 Par64 SPL1000w HR G38 GE
CSR1200/2SE 49490 CSR1200/2/SE 1200w G22 GE
CSR1200/DE 48453 CSR1200/DE 1200w SFc10-5.6 GE
CSR12000/DE 48457 CSR12000/DE 12000w D.Ended GE
CSR1200S/DE 48452 CSR1200S/DE 1200w SFc10-4 GE
CSR1200SA 21849 CSR1200/SA 1200w GY22 GE
CSR1200SEHR 48464 CSR1200SE/HR 1200w G38 GE
CSR125SE/HR 48461 CSR125/SE/HR 125w GE
CSR12KSE/HR 48468 CSR12000SE/HR 12000w G38 GE
CSR18000/DE 48459 CSR18000/DE 18000w D.Ended GE
CSR18000SDE 48460 CSR18000S/DE 18000w D.Ended GE
CSR200/DE 48450 CSR200/DE 200w X515 GE
CSR2000SA 21801 CSR2000/SA 2000w GY22 GE
CSR200SE/HR 48462 CSR200SE/HR 200w GZY9.5 GE
CSR2500/DE 48454 CSR2500/DE 2500w SFa21-12 GE
CSR2500SEHR 48465 CSR2500SE/HR 2500w G38 GE
CSR4000/DE 48455 CSR4000/DE 4000w SFa21-12 GE
CSR4000SEHR 48466 CSR4000SE/HR 4000w G38 GE
CSR400SE/HR 21853 CSR400/SE/HR 400w GZZ9.5 GE
CSR575/2SE 15378 CSR575/2/SE 575w GX9.5 GE
CSR575/2TSE 49492 CSR575/2T/SE 575w TheatreGX9.5 GE
CSR575/DE 48451 CSR575/DE 575w SFc10-4 GE
CSR575SE/HR 48463 CSR575SE/HR 575w G22 GE
CSR6000/DE 48456 CSR6000/DE 6000w D.Ended GE
CSR6000SEHR 48467 CSR6000SE/HR 6000w G38 GE
CSR700/2SE 49491 CSR700/2/SE 700w G22 GE
CSR700SA 15380 CSR700/SA 700w GY9.5 GE
CVX/CVS 1000142 CVS/CVX 200w 120v P28s USHIO
CWZ 1000145 CWZ 1500w 120v P40s USHIO
CXK 1000147 CXK 300w 120v P28s USHIO
CXL/CXR 1000148 CXL/CXR 50w 8v P30s USHIO
CXR   CXR -> Use CXL  
CXZ 37564 CXZ 1500w 120v G38 GE
CXZ 1000150 CXZ 1500w 120v G38 USHIO
CYV 42697 CYV 1000w 120v G38 GE
CYV 54706 CYV 1000w 120v G38 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CYV 318923 CYV 1000w 120v G38 PHILIPS
CYX 36636 CYX 2000w 120v G38 GE
CYX 54613 CYX CP41 2000w 120v G38 OSRAM SYLVANIA
CYX 318931 CYX 2000w 120v G38 PHILIPS
CYX 1000155 CYX 2000w 120v G38 USHIO
CZA/CZB 29664 CZA/CZB 500w 120v 4pin G17q GE
CZX/DAB 1000160 CZX/DAB 500w 120v P28s USHIO
DAT/DAK 40214 T10 DAT/DAK 400w 120v G17q GE
DAY/DAK 29695 T10 DAY/DAK 500w 120v G17q GE
DCH 1000166 DCH 150w 120v G17q-7 USHIO
DCH/DJA/DFP 29364 T12 DCH 150w 120v G17q-7 GE
DDB 1000170 DDB  750w 125v T12H MedPf USHIO
DDL 43537 DDL 150w 20v MR16 GX5.3 GE
DDL 54660 DDL 150w 20v MR16 GX5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DDL 315093 DDL 150w 20v MR16 GX5.3 PHILIPS
DDM 43206 DDM 80w 19v MR16 GX5.3 GE
DDM 1000174 DDM 80w 19v MR16 GX5.3 USHIO
DDN 1000175 DDN 200w 20v R7s-12 USHIO
DDS 54944 DDS 80w 21v MR16 GX5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DED 54726 DED 85w 13.8v MR16 GX5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DED 1000180 MR16 85w 13.8v GX5.3 USHIO
DEK 1000183 DEK 500w 120v G17q-7 USHIO
DFE 36122 DFE 80w 30v G17q-7 GE
DFE 1000186 DFE 80w 30v G17q-7 USHIO
DFN/DFC 1000188 DFN/DFC 150w 125v G17q USHIO
DJL 1000196 DJL 150w 120v 4pin G17q USHIO
DKX 40357 DKX/DSF 1500w 120v PS52 E39 GE
DKZ 39582 DKZ/DSE 1000w 120v PS52 E39 GE
DL35 249581 DL35 35w MPXL PHILIPS
DL35 DL35 -> SUB HTIS35/12
DL50 290015 DL50 50w MPXL PHILIPS
DLD/DFZ 40216 DLD/DFZ 80w 30v T14 4pin GE
DLS/DLG/DHX 29366 DLS 150w 22v T14 4-Pin GE
DMX 1000205 DMX 500w 120v MedPf USHIO
DNE 40161 MR16 DNE 150w 120v G7.9 GE
DNE 1000206 DNE 150w 120v G7.9 USHIO
DNF 1000207 MR18 DNF 150w 21v GX7.9 USHIO
DNT 54658 DNT/FMD 750w 120v P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
DNT/FMD 1000209 DNT/FMD 750w 120v P28s USHIO
DNV/FME 1000210 DNV/FME 1000w 120v P28s USHIO
DNW 1000211 DNW 500w 120v T20 P28s USHIO
DPJ 1000212 DPJ 750w 120v T20 P28s USHIO
DPT 1000213 DPT 1000w 120v T20H Mogul USHIO
DPW 1000214 DPW 1000w 120v P40s USHIO
DPY 54647 DPY 5000w 120v G38 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DPY 319228 DPY 5000w 120v G38 PHILIPS
DPY 1000215 DPY 5000w 120v G38 USHIO
DRA 18239 DRA 300w 120v G6.35 GE
DRA DRA DRA 300w 120v G6.35  
DRA 1000216 DRA 300w 120v G6.35 USHIO
DRB 29968 DRB 1000w 120v P28s GE
DRB 1000217 DRB 1000w 120v P28s USHIO
DRS 1000218 DRS 1000w 120v P28s USHIO
DTA 30522 DTA 1500w 120v P40s GE
DTA 54716 DTA 1500w 120v P40s OSRAM SYLVANIA
DTA 1000220 DTA 1500w 120v P40s USHIO
DTJ 30004 DTJ 1500w 120v P40s GE
DTJ 1000221 DTJ 1500w 120v P40s USHIO
DTY 54696 DTY 10kw 120v G38 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DTY 326462 DTY 10kw 120v G38 PHILIPS
DTY 1000222 DTY 10kw 120v G38 USHIO
DUV35 134742 DUV35 35w MPXL P32d PHILIPS
DVS   DVS -> USE 500QT3V/CL  
DVY 54528 DVY 650w 120v G5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DVY 1000225 DVY 650w 120v G5.3 USHIO
DWE 41667 Par36 650w 120v MFL ScrTerm GE
DWE 54500 Par36 650w 120v MFL ScrTerm OSRAM SYLVANIA
DWT 23800 DWT 1000w 120v R7s-18 GE
DWT 58937 DWT 1000w 120v R7s-18 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DWT 387118 DWT 1000w 120v R7s-18 PHILIPS
DWT 1000228 DWT 1000w 120v R7s-18 USHIO
DWY 1000229 DWY 650w 120v G7s USHIO
DXB 30151 R40 DXB 500w 120v Spot15 E26 GE
DXN 1000234 DXN 1000w 120v R7s USHIO
DXW 30157 DXW 1000w 120v R7s Clear GE
DXW 53997 DXW 1000w 120v R7s Clear OSRAM SYLVANIA
DXW 1000236 DXW 1000w 120v R7s Clear USHIO
DXX 36953 P2/13 DXX 800w 240v R7s GE
DXX 258434 P2/13 DXX 13162R 800w 230v R7s PHILIPS
DYA 1000241 DYA 1000w 120v R7s USHIO
DYG 1000245 DYG 250w 30v GY9.5 USHIO
DYH 30364 G7 DYH 600w 120v G5.3 GE
DYH 54561 DYH 600w 120v G5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DYH 1000246 DYH 600w 120v G5.3 USHIO
DYP 1000248 DYP 600w 120v G9.5 USHIO
DYR 54839 DYR 650w 220v GY9.5 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DYR 1000249 A1/233 DYR 650w 220v GY9.5 USHIO
DYS 32955 DYS/DYV/BHC 600w 120v GY9.5 GE
DYS DYS DYS 600w 120v GY9.5 IMPORT
DYS 54836 DYS 600w 120v GY9.5 OSRAM SYLVANIA
DYS 1000251 DYS 600w 120v GY9.5 USHIO
DYS300 DYS 300w -> USE JCD300-120
DYS5 54835 DYS 600w 125v GY9.5 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EAL 30281 R40 EAL 500w 120v E26 GE
EBV 1000263 EBV 500w 120v E26 USHIO
EBW 40567 PS25 EBW 500w 120v E26 GE
EBW 1000264 EBW 500w 120v E26 USHIO
ECA 40565 A23 ECA 250w 120v E26 GE
ECA 13365 ECA 250w 120v E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
ECA 1000265 ECA 250w 120v E26 USHIO
ECT 40568 PS25 ECT 500w 120v E26 GE
ECT 11560 ECT 500w 120v E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
ECT 1000266 ECT 500w 120v E26 USHIO
ECV 30358 PS40 ECV 1000w 120v E39 GE
EFD15LEUHD EFD15LE-UHD Fluor. 15w Panasonic IMPORT
EFN 41525 MR16 EFN 75w 12v GZ6.35 GE
EFN 54158 64615 EFN 75w 12v GZ6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EFP EFP EFP 100w 12v MR16 GZ6.35 IMPORT
EFP 54160 64627 100w 12v MR16 GZ6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EFP 314880 EFP 100w 12v MR16 GZ6.35 PHILIPS
EFP/LL EFP/LL -> USE 64637
EFR 41254 EFR 150w 15v MR16 GZ6.35 GE
EFR EFR EFR 150w 15v MR16 GZ6.35 IMPORT
EFR 54161 64634 150w 15v MR16 GZ6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EFR 314906 EFR 150w 15v MR16 GZ6.35 PHILIPS
EFX 54787 EFX 500w 120v G22 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGC/EGD 1000273 EGC/EGD 500w 120v P28s USHIO
EGE 54648 EGE Q500CL/P 500w120v P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGE 390690 EGE Q500CL/P 500w120v P28s PHILIPS
EGE 1000274 EGE Q500CL/P 500w120v P28s USHIO
EGF 1000275 EGF 750w 120v P28s USHIO
EGG 54652 EGG 750w 120v P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGG 269738 EGG 750w 120v P28s PHILIPS
EGG 1000276 EGG 750w 120v P28s USHIO
EGJ 38853 EGJ Q1k/4CL/P 1000w120v P28s GE
EGJ 54654 EGJ Q1k/4CL/P 1000w120v P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGJ 269753 EGJ Q1k/4CL/P 1000w120v P28s PHILIPS
EGJ 1000278 EGJ Q1K/4CL/P 1000w120v P28s USHIO
EGK 38852 EGK 1000w 120v FRST P28s GE
EGK 54656 EGK 1000w 120v FRST P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGM 1000280 EGM 1000w 120v P28s USHIO
EGN 30373 EGN 500w 120v G22 GE
EGN 54659 EGN 500w 120v G22 OSRAM SYLVANIA
EGR 39190 EGR 750w 120v G22 GE

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