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Code Manufacturer Part# Bulb Description Manufacturer
60A/CG S4986 A19 60w 130v Ceramic Green E26 SATCO
60A/CL 10553 A19 60w 120v Clear E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60A/CL130 60A/CL/XL A19 60w 130v Clear E26 IMPORT
60A/CO 0256E A19 60w 130v CeramicOrange E26 IMPORT
60A/CR S4984 A19 60w 130v Ceramic Red E26 SATCO
60A/CY S4987 A19 60w 130v CeramicYellow E26 SATCO
60A/D 10480 A19 60w 120v Daylight E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60A/IF 11214 A19 60w 120v RP IF E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60A/IF130 60A-130V A19 60w 130v Frost E26 IMPORT
60A/IF130 11373 A19 60w 130v Frost E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60A/RS/IF 60A/RS/1-130 A19 60w 130v Rough Service E26 IMPORT
60A/S 40324 A19 60w 120v Survivor IF E26 GE
60A/SPK 10576 A19 60w 120v Soft Pink E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60A/STP/PCH 348201 A19 60w 120v Peach E26 PHILIPS
60B10/BL 13442 B10 60w 120v Clear E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60B10/W/BL 13443 B10 60w 120v White E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60BT15/H/CL 245787 BT15 60w 120v Halogen E26 PHILIPS
60CAC/CL 19153 CA10 60w 120v Clr BentTip E11 GE
60CFC/130 60CFC-130 CA10 60w 130v Clr BentTip E11 IMPORT
60CFF/130 60CFF-130 CA10 60w 130v Frst BentTip E11 IMPORT
60CTC/130 60CTC-130 B10 60w 130v Clr Torpedo E11 IMPORT
60CTF/130 60CTF-130 B10 60w 130v Frst Torpedo E11 IMPORT
60G25/CL 60G25-130 G25 60w 130v Clear E26 IMPORT
60G25/W 60G25/W-130 G25 60w 130v White E26 IMPORT
60G30/CL 60G30-130 G30 60w 130v Clear E26 IMPORT
60G30/W 60G30/W-130 G30 60w 130v White E26 IMPORT
60G40/CL 60G40-130 G40 60w 130v Clear E26 IMPORT
60G40/W 60G40/W-130 G40 60w 130v White E26 IMPORT
60PAR16NFL 41623 Par16/H 60w 120v NFL30 E26 GE
60PAR16NFL 59030 Par16 60w 120v NFL E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60PAR16NSP 59032 Par16 60w 120v NSP E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60PAR38HFL 14468 Par38 60w 120v CAP FL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60PAR38HFLV 14448 Par38 60w 130v CAP FL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60PAR38HIR/WFL 20947 Par38 60w HIR 120v WFL E26 GE
60PAR38HSP 14469 Par38 60w 120v CAP NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60PAR38HSPV 14449 Par38 60w 130v CAP NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
60T10/CL 60T10 T10 60w 120v Clear E26 IMPORT
60T10/IF 60T10/IF T10 60w 120v Frost E26 IMPORT
64005 58701 MR16 64005Signal 50w 10v Leads
6411 39407 T3-1/4 10w12v ClearFestSV8.5-8 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64111 39431 Q5w12v Hi Inten goosen MiniBay OSRAM SYLVANIA
64111 1000832 Q5w12v Hi Inten goosen MiniBay USHIO
64115 1000819 Q20w 12v T2-3/4 MiniBay USHIO
6413 39405 6413 5w 12v T3.25 Festoon OSRAM SYLVANIA
64225 54025 64225 -> USE ESA/FHD
6424 39411 6424 5w 24v T3-1/4 FestSV8.5-8 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64250 64250 -> USE ESB
64258 54120 T3 64258 20w 12v Clear G4 OSRAM SYLVANIA
6429 39397 T3-1/4 10w 24v Clear Festoon OSRAM SYLVANIA
64445 JC24V50WG2 JC 50w 24v GY6.35 IMPORT
64460 58686 T3 Q100w 24v CL UVSTOP Gx6.35
64501 54001 64501 150w 120v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64512 58635 64512 -> USE FNS
64514 54007 64514 300w 120v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64514 1001762 64514 300w 120v GX6.35 USHIO
64514X 64514-L 64514 300w 120v Xlife GX6.35 IMPORT
64515 58636 64515 300w 220v 15hr GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64516 54008 64516 300w 220v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64516X 64516 64516 300w 230v GX6.35 IMPORT
64535 58637 EGW 64535 650w 115v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64540 58638 BVM 64540 650w 230v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64561   64561 -> USE EJG  
64571 64571 -> USE DXX
64573 58639 64573 1000w 115v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64575 58640 64575 1000w 230v GX6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64576 67714 64576 1000w 230v GX6.35  
64577 64577 -> USE DXW
64578   64578 -> USE FCM  
64578/F 64578/F -> USE FHM
64584   64584 -> USE FFT  
64592 64592 -> USE FEY
64607 54151 64607 -> USE EFM  
64610 64610 -> USE BRL
64615 54158 64615 -> USE EFN  
64623 64623 -> USE EVA
64625   64625 -> USE FCR  
64626 64626 -> USE EHE
64627   64627 -> USE EFP  
64628 64628 -> USE FDT
64633   64633 -> USE BRJ  
64634 64634 -> USE EFR
64637 54214 EFP/LL 100w 12v MR16 GZ6.35  
64638 53998 64638 HLX 100w 24v G6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64640   64640 -> USE FCS  
64642 64642 -> USE FDV
64643 54055 64643 -> USE FDS/DZE  
64653 64653 -> USE ELC
64654 54136 64654 250w 24v GY9.5 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64655 64655 -> USE EHJ
64656   64656 -> USE FNT  
64657 64657 -> USE EVC/FGX
64662   64662 -> USE M38  
64663 64663 -> USE EVD
64664 54057 HLX64664 400w 36v G6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64665 54058 HLX64665 400w 36v Xlife G6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
64686 54839 64686 -> USE DYR  
64716 64716 -> USE GKV/LL
64725   64725 -> USE FAD  
64726 64726 -> USE EGR
64727   64727 -> USE EHF  
64742 64742 -> USE EGT
64743   64743 -> USE FEL  
64750 64750 -> USE CYV
64762   64762 -> USE CXZ  
64790 64790 -> USE CYX
65BR30/FL 15709 R30 65w 120v Flood E26 GE
65BR30/FL 75BR30/FL-130 BR30 75w 130v Flood Medscr IMPORT
65BR30/FL 15160 BR30 65w 120v Flood E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
65BR30/FL/V 13129 BR30 65w 130v Flood E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
65BR30/FLSL 15167 BR30 65w 130v Flood Soft E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
65BR30/SP 15711 R30 65w 120v Spot E26 GE
65BR30/SP 75BR30/SP-130 BR30 75w 130v Spot Medscr IMPORT
65PAR38FL 13805 Par38 65w 130v Flood E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
65PAR38SP 13808 Par38 65w 130v Spot E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
6820P   6820P -> USE GCV  
6823P 6823P -> SUB FRE OR FRK
6874P   6874P -> USE M38  
6880P 261321 6880P 750W 120V GX9.5 PHILIPS
6958 6958 6958 -> USE EVC-P  
6981P 134205 6981P 750w 115v Clear P3 G9.5 PHILIPS
6984P 6984P CP63 1000w 230v w/prxref GX9.5  
6989P 6989P -> USE GLC
6991P   6991P -> USE GKV/LL OR GLB  
6992P 6992P -> USE GLA
6996P/120V   6996P -> USE T11  
69A21/TS 12496 A21 69w 120v E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
6S6 PL6S6CS120 S6 6w 120v Clear E11  
6S6/12 PL6S6CS/12 S6 6w 12v Clear E11
6S6/130 6S6-130 S6 6w 130v Clear E11 IMPORT
6S6/B B6S6B S6 6w 130v T.Blue E11 IMPORT
6S6DC/30V 16764 S6 6w 30v Clear DCbay OSRAM SYLVANIA
7010 257022 7010 300w 120v GX6.35 PHILIPS
71 71-2526 Vari Lite VL5 1000w 230v GX9.5  
71 221523 Vari Lite VL5 1200w 120v GX9.5 PHILIPS
71/2S11/CB 71/2S/CB S11 7.5w 120v Cer. Blue E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CG S3609 S11 7.5w 120v Cer. Green E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CL 71/2S S11 7.5w 120v Clear E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CO 71/2W/CO S11 7.5w 120v Cer. Orange E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CR S3611 S11 7.5w 120v Cer. Red E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CR 19423 S11 7.5w 120v E27 Red OSRAM SYLVANIA
71/2S11/CW 71/2S/CW S11 7.5w 120v White E26 SATCO
71/2S11/CY S11 7.5w 120v Cer. Yellow E26 IMPORT
71/2S11/TB 71/2S/TB S11 7.5w 120v T.Blue E26 IMPORT
71/2S11/TG 71/2S/TG S11 7.5w 120v T.Green E26 IMPORT
71/2S11/TO 71/2S/TO S11 7.5w 120v T.Orange E26 IMPORT
71/2S11/TR 71/2S/TR S11 7.5w 120v T.Red E26 IMPORT
71/2S11/TY 71/2S/TY S11 7.5w 120v T.Yellow E26 IMPORT
7328 PL7328 T1-3/4 6v 200ma Clear Bi-Pin
750IF 16358 PS52 750w 125v InFrost E39 OSRAM SYLVANIA
750PS52/CL 16346 PS52 750w 120v Clear E39 OSRAM SYLVANIA
756 26593 T3.25 14v .08a MiniBayonet GE
75A/BLB 75A/BL-130 Blacklight 75w 130v A19 Medscr IMPORT
75A/S 40328 A19 75w 130v IF VibraRes E26 GE
75A19/CL 75A-130 USA A19 75w 130v Clear MedScr IMPORT
75A19/CL 12500 A19 75w 120v RP Clear E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75A19/FR 75A/CL-130 A19 75w 130v Frost MedScr IMPORT
75A19/IF 12521 A19 75w 120v IF E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75A21IF12 S5012 A21 75w 12v Frosted E26 SATCO
75A21RS/SL 12554 A21 75w 120v Rough/Safe IF E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75AR111/25 55123 Par36 75w12v FL Halospot OSRAM SYLVANIA
75AR111/45 55124 Par36 75w12v WFL Halospot  
75AR111/8 55125 Par36 75w12v Spot Halospot OSRAM SYLVANIA
75BR30/FL   75BR30 -> USE 65BR30 EPACT  
75BR40/FL 75BR/FL-130 BR40 75w 130v Flood Medscr IMPORT
75BR40/FL 15126 BR40 75w 120v E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75BR40/SP 75BR/SP-130 BR40 75w 130v Spot Medscr IMPORT
75ER30/130V 15101 ER30 75w 130v IF E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR16NFL 59034 Par16 75w 120v NFL E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR16NSP 59036 Par16 75w 120v NSP E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30HFL 14779 Par30 75w 120v Flood E26 GE
75PAR30HFL 14606 Par30 75w 120v CAP FL40 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30HNFL 14603 Par30 75w 120v CAP NFL25 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30HNSP 14604 Par30 75w 120v CAP NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30HSP 14802 Par30 75w 120v Spot E26 GE
75PAR30LHFL 14943 Par30 75w 120v LN Flood25 E26 GE
75PAR30LNF 14769 Par30 75w 120v LN NFL25 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30LNFV 14778 Par30 75w 130v LN NFL25 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30LNS 14786 Par30 75w 120v LN NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30LNSV 14777 Par30 75w 130v LN NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30LWF 14823 Par30 75w 120v LN WFL50 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR30LWV 14785 Par30 75w 130v LN WFL50 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR38HNFL 14513 Par38 75w 120v CAP NFL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR38HNFV 14515 Par38 75w 130v CAP NFL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR38HNSP 14514 Par38 75w 120v CAP NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PAR38HNSV 14516 Par38 75w 130v CAP NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75PR30LHNFL 229419 Par30 75w L/H/NFL30 120v Medsc PHILIPS
75Q/CL/DC Q75/CL/DC Q75/CL/DC 75w 120v Clear DC IMPORT
75Q/CL/MC JD7007 Q75/CL/MC 75w 130v Clear E11 IMPORT
75Q/IF/DC Q75/IF/DC Q75/IF/DC 75w 120v Frost DC IMPORT
75Q/IF/MC JD7007F Q75/CL/MC 75w 130v Frost E11 IMPORT
75QT4CLAX 58680 64450 T4 75w 12v UVS/CL GY6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
75R20 75R20-130 R20 75w 120v E26 IMPORT
75R30/A 75R30/A-130 R30 75w 130v Amber Medscr IMPORT
75R30/B 75R30/B-130 R30 75w 130v Blue Medscr IMPORT
75R30/BLB 22748 Blacklight 75w 120v R30 MedScr GE
75R30/BLB 75R30/BL Blacklight 75w 120v R30 MedScr IMPORT
75R30/G 75R30/G-130 R30 75w 130v Green Medscr IMPORT
75R30/PK 75R30/PK-130 R30 75w 130v Pink Medscr IMPORT
75R30/PK 249029 BR30 75w 120v Pink E26 PHILIPS
75R30/R 75R30/R-130 R30 75w 130v Red Medscr IMPORT
75R30/Y 75R30/Y-130 R30 75w 130v Yellow Medscr IMPORT
7613 41865 Par36 7613 8w 6v Scrtrm GE
7C7/130 7C7-130 C7 7w 130v Clear E11 IMPORT
7C7/B 7C7/B C7 7w 120v Blue E12 IMPORT
7C7/G 7C7/G C7 7w 120v Green E12 IMPORT
7C7/O 7C7/O C7 7w 120v Orange E12 IMPORT
7C7/R 7C7/R C7 7w 120v Red E12 IMPORT
7C7/W 7C7/W C7 7w 120v White E12 IMPORT
7C7/Y 7C7/Y C7 7w 120v Yellow E12 IMPORT
7C9/CL 7C9-CLEAR C9 7w 130v Clear E17 IMPORT
7C9/TBL 7C9-TBLUE C9 7w 130v TransBlue E17 IMPORT
7C9/TGR 7C9-TGREEN C9 7w 130v TransGreen E17 IMPORT
7C9/TPU 7C9-TPURPLE C9 7w 130v TransPurple E17 IMPORT
7C9/TRD 7C9-TRED C9 7w 130v TransRed E17 IMPORT
7G8/CL B7G8CLEAR G8 7w 130v Clear E11 IMPORT
7G8/W B7G8WHITE G8 7w 130v White E11 IMPORT
85T3/RM 54400 ESH 85w 82v MR13 GY5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
900T3CLHIR4 13642 T3 Q900 240v HIR Clear R7s GE
900T3CLHIR7 14335 T3 Q900 277v HIR Clear R7s GE
909 44756 909 .62A 6v T-5 Wedge GE
90A19TS/SS 11151 A19 90w 125v Traffic Brass E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HFL 14579 Par38 90w 120v Cap FL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HFLV 13308 Par38 90w 130v Cap FL E26 GE
90PAR38HFLV 14577 Par38 90w 130v Cap FL30 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HFLX 40791 Par38 90w 120v HIR/XL FL40 E26 GE
90PAR38HNFV 14601 Par38 90w 130v Cap NFL25 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HNSP 14586 Par38 90w 120v Cap NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HNSV 14587 Par38 90w 130v Cap NSP9 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HSP 14580 Par38 90w 120v Cap WSP12 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HSPV 14578 Par38 90w 130v Cap WSP12 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90PAR38HWFV 14602 Par38 90w 130v Cap WFL50 E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
90TB19 20648 TB19 90A/HAL 90w 120v E26 GE
916 PL916 T5 916 13.5v .54A Wedge  
9T61/2/C/ES BP9T61/2/C/ES T6.5 Tube 9w 120v E11 Save IMPORT
9T61/2/ES BP9T61/2/ES T6.5 Tube 9w 120v E17 Save IMPORT
ARC150/30 21053 ArcStream150w MBI150/T/30 G12 GE
ARC150/40 21054 ArcStream150w MBI150/T/40 G12 GE
ARC150/40 64342 HQI 150w SE G12 OSRAM SYLVANIA
ARC150/40 5000195 Arc 150w G12 USHIO
ARC70TUV730 34527 Arc 70w T6 UVC/730 Double R7s GE
ARC70TUV743 34536 Arc 70w T6 UVC/743 Double R7s GE
BA575SEHR 7223939 BA575SE/HR 575w G22
BA575SENHR 7224525 BA575SE/NHR 575w GX9.5  
BA700SENHR 7223944 BA700SE/NHR 700w G22
BA800SEHR 7223991 BA800SE/HR 800w G22  
BAB MR8017C BAB 20w 12v MR16 36deg GX5.3 IMPORT
BAB 54200 BAB 20w 12v MR16 40deg GX5.3 OSRAM SYLVANIA
BAB 1000000 BAB 20w 12v MR16 40deg GX5.3 USHIO
BAB/60 1000001 BAB 20w 12v MR16 60deg GX5.3 USHIO
BAB/CG MR8017PC BAB 20w 12v MR16 Covered GX5.3 IMPORT
BAB120 BAB120 BAB 20w 120v MR16 36dg GX5.3 IMPORT
BAH 40886 BAH 300w 120v A21 E26 GE
BAK 1000025 BAK .75A 4v P30s USHIO
BBA 11619 A21 BBA 250w 120v IF E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
BCA 40564 A21 BCA 250w 120v E26 GE
BCA 11626 A21 BCA 250w 120v E26 OSRAM SYLVANIA
BCA 1000046 BCA 250w 120v E26 USHIO
BCM 54694 BCM 20000w 220v MogBP OSRAM SYLVANIA
BCM/208 48772 T32 Q20MT32/4CL 208v G38 GE
BCM/220 48773 T32 Q20MT32/4CL 220v G38 GE
BCM/240 48774 T32 Q20MT32/4CL 240v G38 GE
BFE 1000052 BFE 750w 120v T20 P28s USHIO
BKD 211755 BKD 750w 120v G22 -> USE EGR PHILIPS
BKE 211771 BKE 1000w 120v G22 -> SUB EGT PHILIPS
BLC 29140 S11 BLC 30w 115v BA15d GE
BRH 29604 T5 BRH 1000w 120v R7s GE
BRJ 1000069 BRJ 150w 15v GX6.35 USHIO
BRK 1000070 BRK .75A 4v P30s USHIO
BRL 18234 BRL 50w 12v G6.35 GE
BRL BRL BRL 50w 12v G6.35 IMPORT
BRL 54034 64610/BRL 50w 12v G6.35 OSRAM SYLVANIA
BRL 316273 BRL 50w 12v G6.35 PHILIPS
BSW 1000080 BSW .20A 7v P30s USHIO
BT600SEHR 7223973 BT600SE/HR 600w FaX1.5  
BTL 11966 BTL 500w 120v T6 P28s GE
BTL 54685 BTL 500w 120v T6 P28s OSRAM SYLVANIA
BTL 318915 BTL 500w 120v T6 P28s PHILIPS
BTL 1000083 BTL 500w 120v T6 P28s USHIO

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